Sunday, November 27, 2016

What's your letter?

The title of this post comes from a funny story about my youngest a few years back. In a nutshell, she was meeting our family friend and her namesake Cally for the first time since she was a baby.

Upon hearing that she had the same name as Big Cally, she immediately asked, well, what is her letter? When she heard it was C, she was incensed! What?!? she said a bit put off, but that's MY letter! Kids say the funniest things.

Anyway, stories aside, I thought that title worked for a post where I was wearing my Nn t-shirt. I'm not one for graphic tees, but I love this one from American Apparel. Not just because it has my letter, but more so because it has my letterS.  You see, my last name starts with an N as well. My name alliterates. Perfect for an English teacher, don't you think?

The whole outfit has special meaning, too. The blazer is part of a capsule collection that a designer friend of mine did in collaboration (Tangram x GOD) with Goods of Desire, a Hong Kong based shop. The blue of the blazer drew me in right away, and I love to support my friends.

Earrings, purse and neck scarf were all thrifted vintage finds from my summer travels. I'm really loving the neck scarf again this season. I love that I have a whole new use for all my vintage scarves, especially the smaller ones. I've worn them this way more than on my head lately.

This cuff, my second from The Mauve Hour, is a lovely upcycled vintage piece. I really love what designer Paige is doing with her brand. She's recently branched out to include upcycled vintage pieces on chokers. Her jewellery is so edgy, I love it. Ruggedly elegant is her motto. Watch for more on the blog about her soon.

And finally, these jeans are a sweet gift from former student and friend, Tora. For her final school project, she embarked on a journey to design a mini collection using sustainable design techniques. She upcycled some of her own clothing (and her mum's) and created four amazing pieces. One of the pieces she created was a super cool pair of distressed graphic jeans. I absolutely loved them, and having recently tried to DIY some of my own, I knew I wanted her to fix them for me.

Boy, did she ever. I cannot wait to wear these again.
Read her blog and follow her Instagram. Good things are going to be coming from her.


pink vintage heart said...

I am so in love with this outfit!! I love the whole look together. What a cute story! I love the t-shirt and I'm gaga over the blazer. What a great color. I love blazers with jeans <3


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