Wednesday, November 23, 2016

These boots were made for walkin'

After my brief taste of real Fall weather in Kobe, Japan last weekend, I decided it was time to take stock of some of my cooler weather essentials.

Namely, my boots. You can't beat a good pair of ankle booties. I wear these all the time and I get compliments on them, too.  I bought them a few years ago on Shoemint, which was a website you subscribed to for good deals on shoes. They had their own brand as well as other recognized shoe brands. I was disappointed to hear that they'd closed especially because my boots are showing signs of wear and they're now irreplaceable.

I love the heel height, just perfect for everyday wear, and the fact that the zippers are on the outside. I can't tell you how many pairs of tights I ruined with my previous pair with zippers on the inner side. The leather is worn in, just how I like it.

So what do I do to keep them around longer? Well, for starters, I make sure not to wear them when it's heaving down with rain (unless I'm caught off guard). Hong Kong rain comes down in torrents and the water can really ruin a decent pair of shoes.

The other thing I do (and I need to do this for this year) is spray a leather protector over them. The leather protector helps to keep the shoes weather resistant. Likewise, a leather conditioner is important, too. This will keep your leather from drying out. These are steps that can be easily forgotten, but are crucial to maintaining your shoes.

Finally, take them to a cobbler to have the soles replaced as they wear down. Depending on how often you wear your boots, you will find that the sole wears through faster than the leather upper does. It helps to have a shoe repairman close by so that you'll be more likely to take this step. A new sole breathes new life into a well loved pair of shoes or boots.

A few weeks ago, King Ranch Saddle Shop sent over this graphic with some key boot care tips of their own. I'll definitely be incorporating some of their tips into to my maintenance, too. I hope you'll put some of these tips into your routine.

And here’s some good news, King Ranch is offering a promo code for my readers to purchase some of their boot care products as well as their leather goods! So people, if you've been on the hunt for some cowboy boots, be sure to check out King Ranch’s selection of trendsetting cowgirl boots and classic cowboy boots!

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