Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Insert Brand Here

Why do you buy your clothes? Is it because of the style? Do you care about designer? Or brand?

Or do you care more about where they're made? Maybe you're conscious about how they were made or even who made your clothes. Perhaps you just like a good bargain. Or perhaps you prefer high end pieces. Whatever the reason may be, you should, at the very least, have given it some thought.

I'm not here to judge, but I do know what my reasons are. Those reasons pretty well make up my motto, actually.

When I buy clothes, I try to make choices that have a minimal impact on our environment. That means I pretty much wear secondhand or vintage exclusively.  An exception to this is when I wear pieces in support of local or independent designers. No fast fashion for me. It's thoughtfully designed, thoughtfully sourced, thoughtfully produced.

My friends over at Print House made me this t-shirt after a conversation I had with them related to this topic.  You see, I'm not really a 'name brand' kind of person. I sometimes giggle when I see people who wear a plain t-shirt, sweater, or whatever which has the brand name or logo plastered across the front. It's usually nothing special, it just showcases the name of the brand and probably costs more because of it.

I had to laugh at myself when they gave it to me because their brand is on the back, but I wear it proudly. The choker comes from Raven+Rose, a Hong Kong based lingerie brand (her new collection was just released).  Skirt and bomber jacket are vintage and my Cambridge Satchel and sandals are both secondhand.

So there you have it. My statement t-shirt and the statement behind it.

By the way, this look was totally inspired by B Jones Style, have you checked her out yet? GO! I promise you'll love her YouTube channel.

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