Monday, November 7, 2016

Alley Cat Wannabe

I'm into all things grungy lately. Reconnecting with my 90s youth. This hat is on serious repeat as are chokers, too.

But it's not just that. Take these narrow alleys in Stanley, for example. These back alleys, these forgotten pathways are where I like to wander, like those stray cats lurking in doorways or up on ledges. Okay, maybe I don't hang out here on the regular sneaking a cigarette like I used to in the 90s, but I do like to snap outfit pictures here from time to time.

It's because they're mossy and overgrown. The paint is chipped and weathered. The metal is rusted and flaky. They make for really interesting backdrops, don't you think? And, it's where the real people live. This alley has some interesting doors which makes me wonder who lives behind them and what changes they've seen in the market over the years.

I guess I'm enamored with them because it has to do with seeing value in things where others may just disregard or throw them away. Take this shirt, for example. I picked it up an the most recent Get Redressed pop up and realized later that it had some stains on the front. Even though it is a designer brand, Marni, it was still deemed unwanted. Lucky me! I knew it had so much wear left in it yet.

 Fixing the shirt was easy. All I had to do was treat it gently with some Woolite and let it soak overnight. In the morning, I massaged some of the stain out with some hot water on the area. Then I washed the entire blouse by hand and hung it to dry. The label reads dry clean only which I will do now the stain is out.

The leather skirt was another Get Redressed find. How lucky can one girl get? Oh wait, I got some amazing sandals, too. Those have also been on repeat. You'll see.

To find out more about Redress HK, please like their Facebook page and subscribe to their newsletter so you can get regular updates about events they are hosting. Keep reading my blog and you'll get some updates here, too. Up next will be a review of their Frontline Fashion documentary!


Kremb de la Kremb said...

I love how you embrace the gritty walls of Stanley. It's always so fun to shoot with you--you open my eyes to the grittiness.

And what a score on both the shirt and the skirt. Of course you look modernly grunge, and I like it--a lot!

Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

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