Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Roaring 90s

It's a humbling discovery when you realize that the decade in which you came of age is now considered retro. But so be it. Age is just a number, anyhow.

Seriously, though, the 90s are back in a big way. It cracks me up that my older daughter (and kids and teens in general) are all wearing chokers like I used to in high school. It's actually made me wonder what I did with them all. And, why didn't I just keep them?

The part that amuses me the most (and also reminds me of my age) is the way that trends just keep coming around and yet people who wear these latest trends somehow remain completely unaware of the fact that said trend was not just invented.

Fashion is so cyclical.

Anyhow, my choker is from my girlfriend's brand Raven + Rose, a Hong Kong based lingerie brand that is hot, hot, hot! Seriously, her designs will spice up your relationship, check them out. Her collection of leather chokers will be on your list as soon as you see them.

And speaking of 90s, the weather is still hot as the blazes. I'm trying my very best to incorporate Fall pieces into my outfits and to layer, but I'm being defeated by sweat everyday. This cashmere short sleeved sweater top is a nice style to try because it's a little cropped and I found it right in Stanley Market. Regardless, I was still sweating bullets.

The real steal was my skirt.  I had long been coveting metallic pleated skirts that I'd seen on street style blogs so I made it a mission to find this piece on my thrifting adventures this summer. I rarely go with a specific idea because if I keep an open mind, I feel like I find more treasures. Everyone's different, though.

Imagine my joy when I found this vintage Talbot's silk skirt, hardly worn and only two sizes too big. I took the skirt to my trusted seamstress Jilly for her to make it fit me. Some might think that the metallic silk pleats are too dressy for school, but I always insist that dressing up doesn't need to be reserved for special occasions.

Photos by Ann, my fellow Southside blogger.


pink vintage heart said...

Love, love this look. The skirt is to die for!! I'm a 90s kid and for some reason am so happy the 90s are back. Love the cool and casual looks from that era.


Kremb de la Kremb said...

Oh, I wish I could sport the choker trend. I don't think I could then, and I don't think I should try now. I've always had a double chin which stops me from wearing one. But you know, maybe I should try it just in case.

That skirt....beautiful! I do want one of those!!

Beautiful styling here Norbyah. And I like the flare shots!! ;P

Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

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fashion vein said...

I wish I could wear chokers! I'm way to fussy to have jewelry on general. Love how happy you look in your photos!


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