Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stanley Market Local

If I ever have doubts about where my home is, all I need to remind me is the threat of change. I've been a Hong Kong local for ten years now, first living in Stanley and then moving closer to work. Stanley Market, Stanley Village, the Southside beaches and the businesses here, they're all my hood. And I'm fiercely loyal to them.

I wasn't able to use The Boathouse as a backdrop for some time because of how upset I was when landlords made them change the iconic blue exterior to this brash yellow. It's all part of a sketchy scheme to build a boutique hotel along the waterfront which will change the feel of this place for the worse. The landlord figured painting over the blue walls would prevent it from being declared a heritage site and people would be glad to have the yellow changed into a hotel. They refused to renew the lease for the restaurant unless they agreed to paint, though they gave the excuse that it was good luck for the Chinese New Year. Shady, right?

Recently I had a think about it, and I came to the conclusion that it's not the fault of this business, but rather the greed of their landlord. They really had no choice in the matter, hence these pictures being taken in front of the yellow walls (don't ask me to go inside, though).

Now Stanley Market is under threat again, with the proposal of a second hotel right in the market itself! I don't even want to talk about the H&M that is housed in the historic Murray House or the little old lady who has sold snacks in a little stairway shop past the post office for sixty over years being ordered by her landlord to shut for good. Sigh.

So yeah, when things like this happen, I'm reminded just how much I love Stanley the way it is. How much this place has really become our home. I wish that our community had a bit more loyalty to local businesses and the qualities that makes it unique. It's stories. It's past. It's that aspect of life in Madison each summer that makes that place home, too.

Anyway, speaking of stories and the past, I was going to tell you all about this Original Box Bag by Enid Collins and my vintage wool floral dress, both gems found on my vintage road trip this summer. The deadline for the petition to oppose the building of the hotel in the market was a more pressing issue and I spent the time I would have used writing about the vintage gems sharing the hotel issue and gathering signatures from as many people as I could.

My Stanley home - it's past, the people who make it what it is and the stories that reside within are all worth that for me.

Thanks for the photos, Ann!

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