Saturday, August 6, 2016

The House of Folklore in Madison: The Nostalgia of Home

When brainstorming ideas for our collaboration, Sneha Mathew from The House of Folklore and I agreed that the designs on their scarves evoked a strong feeling of nostalgia, it was the inspiration for the artist who created them. This idea of nostalgia and stories is a connecting thread that weaves through many of the products that they feature in their online boutique of lifestyle and fashion products.

It was also one of the ideas behind my plan to take a vintage road trip on the blog this summer as well, since hunting for vintage pieces has a tendency to make a person nostalgic for past eras. Heading to a thrift store, an estate sale or a vintage boutique/market is like walking through a museum of our past. I love it.

My sister and her fiance came to visit.

So, nostalgia for me is always strongest when we're in Madison, our summer home. It was, after all, where my hubby and I started our married lives together, where two of our three littles were born and where we first owned a home.

It seems fitting that my House of Folklore scarves got lots of wear in many different ways while I was here. July is the best month to be in Madison with all of the summer time things happening, so we made the most of the month we had. Art Fair on the Square, Farmers Markets, Paddle and Portage (a race the hubby decided to take part in for old time's sake), Concerts on the Square, Atwood Fest, Hot Summer Nights on Willy Street.  Oh, the list goes on...

This summer, we also had house guests.  Friends and family came to stay; nothing makes a house feel like home more than having a visit from the family. My sister and her fiance were the first of my side of the family to visit. What fun we had reacquainting them with our Madison and sharing our summer home with them, too.

Having guests allows you to fall in love with a place all over again because it's like seeing it for the first time, through their eyes. I was reminded of all the things my sister loved about Madison and I felt more linked to the nostalgia of this place as home than ever before.

Now, here I sit on our very last day of summer holiday in America. We flew to LA yesterday to spend one last evening with our West Coast rellies since this was our first port of arrival. Our bags are packed and we leave tonight to return to Hong Kong. We're leaving one home and headed to our other one. It's always bittersweet, but I can't wait to be home again.

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