Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Vintage Road Trip: Smorgasburg LA

When our family was making our summer plans and decided that we couldn't make it out to New York this summer, we all felt a little sadness knowing we'd have to miss out of some of our favorite NYC activities (um, eating). One of our faves is Smorgasburg, a super yummy flea market in Williamsburg where you can sample good food and shop vintage at the same time.

Imagine our surprise and delight when we discovered that Smorgasburg was opening a second market in LA, right at the time we were visiting! And, here I thought I'd have to go a whole summer without eating a ramen burger. Nope!

The Smorgasburg in Los Angeles is located right downtown (DTLA) and was super easy to drive to for us out-of-towners. You have to love Google Maps; what did we ever do before? There is a big parking ramp walking distance from the market (and you can even pop into the huge American Apparel on your way).

Having been to the Smorgasburg in Williamsburg for several summers, we had some high expectations going into this new market. Smorgasburg LA did not disappoint. It's nestled in an open parking lot where Alameda Produce Market takes place during the week. In between industrial buildings which are part of the fashion district (I asked a local), there was lots of variety of food vendors, vintage sellers and other artisans.

The organizers had planned well in anticipation of the summer heat given that it was all blacktop with no grassy space like in Williamsburg. There were tables with umbrellas located all around the market, a beer garden and even a tent spraying mist for people to walk through to cool off. It was the first time in our summer holiday that we'd experienced the heat, so we didn't mind it too much. It was still a lot less humid that what we're used to. All our previous Smorgasburg experiences have always been steamy, so we didn't think too much of it.

The highlight of the market for me, and definitely a highlight of my vintage road trip, was stepping foot into the most amazing little boutique in a classic mobile Airstream trailer called Blossom Vintage. I didn't realize until after we left the market, that I'd actually been following her account on Instagram for some time. I had a lovely chat with the owner and picked up this beautiful blue vintage Saks Fifth Avenue number which I wore on the first day back to work. If you haven't already, pop over and check out her online shop and Instagram account. You won't regret it. She's having a sale at the moment to clear out stock and make space for new Fall arrivals.

Another highlight was having my little crew with me. We love going to explore new markets like this and they were such good sports in the hot weather (donuts helped). My big teenager was being a teenager, so he missed out.

Oh, summer seems like such a long time ago. I still have one more post to write about My Vintage Road Trip. I'm already planning next years pit stops!

Outfit details: The House of Folklore Pools of Perseverance scarf, Louella Odie Jungle Lily shoulder bag, vintage skirt thrifted at Bethesda Thrift in Madison, second hand Club Monaco tank, H&M panama hat.

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