Sunday, July 24, 2016

The House of Folklore x I'm a Norbyah

If you've been following my summer holidays on my Instagram page, you may have noticed that I've been styling two silk scarves on repeat. I love a good scarf, so having a new one inspires me to experiment with new ways to tie them; as a belt, as a turban, around my neck, etc. These two scarves came with me from Hong Kong, and are quite different from the vintage ones I've been picking up on my vintage road trip. Let me tell you a little about what makes the two scarves different and introduce the brand who created them.

Free Spirit scarf styled as a belt.

The House of Folklore is a Hong Kong based E-tailer and Online Boutique with a passion for design. I came to know about this lovely brand quite by chance when I was attending the Affordable Art Fair in May. In the middle of viewing some of the art, Sneha Mathew came over to introduce herself to me and tell me about The House of Folklore.  When I explored the brand further online, I was immediately drawn in by their About Us page.

Here's why I was so excited to learn about and work with this company. On the About Us page, they describe themselves as a design platform for artists and artisans. Their products reflect contemporary design while also having roots in traditional art and art making techniques as well. The House of Folklore believes what I do; that design tells stories -- of the designers who created them, of the artisans who handcrafted them, and of the customers who choose them.

The House of Folklore worked in collaboration with artist Mayura Yadav to create four designs for a new line of scarves. The Free Spirit, the Pool of Perseverance, the Rising Phoenix, and the Divine Blossoms are all designed with the connecting theme of Chinese porcelain in mind. You can read more about this collaboration and the artist on The House of Folklore's blog, here.

Free Spirit scarf**

I think what I love most about the two designs I picked are how much they remind me of the porcelain bowls my parents had in their kitchen when I was child growing up in Malaysia. I'd eat cereal out of them each morning and rice out of them at night. I always love a sense of nostalgia that items can evoke.

Pool of Perseverance scarf**
How lucky I am that The House of Folklore felt these two scarves would be just the thing to go along with me on my summer vintage road trip, while I'm hunting for nostalgic items from the past.

Keep watching my Instagram and this blog to see more of my summer and get more ideas for styling these scarves. I'm sad that the end of our holiday is drawing near, but I intend to live each day out to it's fullest, especially while I'm in our house in Madison.

**Click on the name of each design below the picture for more detail. The House of Folklore is having a summer sale with a 30% discount STOREWIDE! Hurry over and grab yourself these scarves and some goodies here.


Curls n Cakes said...

Wow! Such lovely scarves. Thank you for introducing me to the brand! Amazing.
Hope you're having a great day.
Much love,

mummabstylish said...

Love both of these beauties, beautiful colours. Nice to 'meet' you on linkup Jacqui

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