Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Bittersweet End of Summer

It's nearly the end of July, and I'm starting to feel that familiar pang that I always feel at this time of year. The one where I can see the end of summer holidays approaching and I get antsy about the last bits of time we have in the places we've been.

I begin to feel pressured to make the most of all the time I have left, so I don't go home feeling like I wished I'd done more.  And inevitably, I'll feel that way anyway. Luckily, though, summer days are long and there are many hours to be spent doing all my favorite things.  Things like bicycling and taking walks around, poking into the thrift shops and sitting in coffee shops.

At the same time, I begin to feel ready to go home to Hong Kong. I hear all of us in the family start talking about what we're looking forward to at home, and I know the time is right. I know that this way of life is our way of life. I wouldn't have it any other way.

We've had some lovely reunions with friends and family this summer and we're hoping to squeeze in a few more yet before we go. And speaking of squeezing, probably the hardest part of the end of summer will be packing ourselves back up and trying to fit in all the things we've acquired over the seven weeks we've been away. A lot will be the vintage goodies I've picked up while on my vintage road trip this year.

One such goodie is this linen kimono from my friend Kenia's shop Retro Rhapsody. It's high on the list of my favorites. I'll be putting this in the rotation as frequently as I do some of her other pieces. Her shop is such a source of style inspiration for me. Make sure to click over and have a look.

Another goodie is this blue Free Spirit bike I picked up at our Madison Bicycle Recycle man around the corner from our house. It's such a beauty and my favorite color, too. The Bicycle Recycle man explained that it was made by Sears Roebuck when all department stores were carrying their own line of street bicycles. 

Of course it will not fit in our suitcases, so I'll be dreaming of it when I'm back in Hong Kong and thinking about being back here in Madison to ride it on the bike paths next year.


pink vintage heart said...

This outfit is super adorable!! Love these pics!! I can certainly relate to that feeling of vacation being nearly over. Hope you had a blast!!


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