Friday, July 1, 2016

Printed pajama pantsuit & other random thoughts.

Oops, I've gone into vacation mode! I guess I'm just really loving this California sunshine and the blue skies. I keep getting phone notifications of severe thunderstorm warnings back in Hong Kong and I feel lucky to be here.

Another reason I feel lucky to be here is this cool dry weather. There's absolutely no humidity here (compared to Hong Kong). I'm remembering how hot and humid it was on the day we took these outfit pictures in Stanley, and how ridiculously sweaty I was just standing still. Thank goodness for my friend Ann and her amazing editing skills; not a drip of sweat to be found on my face (aaannd, the truth comes out)!

This printed pajama pantsuit (how do you like that alliteration?) was a steal in Stanley Market. I loved that it was a light weight silk-like fabric. I thought it might allow me to wear it in the warmer months, but that thought proved futile. As soon as we finished taking these pictures, we retreated to the nearest air conditioned coffee shop to cool off.

Since being in the States, I've enjoyed needing to grab an extra layer as the sun goes down and sleeping with the windows open. It's total bliss. 

I crack up when I hear locals here complain about heat or humidity and tell them about what it looks like when Hong Kong humidity makes the walls sweat or when it leaves puddles on the ground. It's all relative. Our bodies acclimatize, though I think I will always be a tropical girl.

Showing my love for local brands: Niin, Ona Chan Jewellery and The Mauve Hour

But it's not back to the tropics for me just yet. Our California summer days are just about over and we're headed east to our home in the Midwest. I cannot wait to be in our own home in Madison tomorrow. Stay tuned, vintage road trip updates are coming soon! Keep your eyes on my Instagram feed for more regular pit stops along the way.

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