Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sustainable gift guide for Father's Day

 I really think that Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts should come from the children and be small tokens of love, but every once in a while it's nice to buy a gift. I usually only get a gift on Father's Day when there is something for my hubby that has caught my eye and I need a little excuse to get it for him. My kiddos take care of us very sweetly, and all on their own. I love my little breakfasts made entirely by them.

Still, if you're looking for some ideas for a last minute Father's Day gift, here are a few Eco-friendly ideas for you:

If you choose to go the route of clothing, then I'd suggest some casual basics that you know will always get some wear. Khaki shorts or a denim chambray button down shirt will always work in this situation. To do this sustainably, you can head to a store like Grana, where pieces are produced in small quantities with careful consideration of quality fabric. With classic design, these are sure to get 30+ wears and will not go out of style. You can also visit a store that is local to your own area, too. Supporting local is always sustainable.

When I think of my hubby, I know that he would love a good vinyl record. This is an easy thing to do sustainably if you know of a good vintage record shop. You can also try your chances at thrift stores or estate sales, but you may not be guaranteed to find the artist you're looking for. Record shops usually have a section for used records at reasonable prices.


Another fun and nostalgic gift to find secondhand is a vintage pint glass. The older and more retro the label, the better. What dad wouldn't use and appreciate a pint glass. It's sure to get lots of use.

 Another way to think sustainably for Father's Day gifts is to buy a gift that guarantees a fun experience as a family, like movie tickets. Summer is a perfect time for family movies with so many new kids movies on offer. Our kiddos are looking forward to seeing Finding Dory. 

 These are just a few suggestions for gifts that I know my hubby would like, but of course you should consider what you know about the dad you're buying for. When I think of a gift for my own Dad, I'd be looking at books since he's a voracious reader. Those are easy to find second hand.

I tend to avoid the gifts they normally advertise for dads -- things like gadgets and electronics -- because they tend to be gimmicky. The kind of thing that a person thinks is a good idea, but it gets taken out of the box once. The best kind of Father's Day gifts are the ones that the kids make. I've taken a peek at what the littlest one has made for her dad. He'll love it.

***This post was inspired by Tommy John, also a good place to get some Father's Day gifts.

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Jack son said...

It's not only a stuffed lion, it is an extravagant rack for the keys or his baseball top! best father's day gifts

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