Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fashion with purpose: Les Sublimes

 When people ask me what I'm passionate about, what always jumps into my head is sustainable fashion. It's the reason I wear vintage and secondhand clothing. And it's one way that I like to minimize my impact on the environment, given that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in our world. 

I'm always excited when I see fashion brands embracing sustainable techniques and making the environment a part of their ethos. It's encouraging.

So, here's good news then...there's a brand new fashion brand on the scene, launching today. They're a French brand based in Paris and they're challenging the traditional sustainable fashion model with their no compromise consumption. They want you to have it all.


Les Sublimes has a small collection of wardrobe essentials that definitely channel that classic Parisian chic style. I'm confident they're the pieces you'll be reaching for most in your wardrobe to mix and match and make your own.


This start up collection is made up of six pieces: two tanks, two tees and two dresses. They use two different sustainable fabrics and all manufacturing is in France, by Confection Perard, a second generation family-run atelier in Renaison, outside of Lyon.


And have a look at their designs; how can you pick a favorite? I think this black dress is high on my list. I really love how each piece is so simple and classic that you know that it will get many wears and look different with each styling.

As I mentioned, they're launching today June 21st and the entire collection is available for pre-sale over on their Indiegogo crowdfunding page. Here is the link


If I haven't given you enough good reasons to check them out, then let me give you one last incentive: for piece they sell, the company will work with their non-profit partners to provide education for one underprivileged girl for one month. It's feel good fashion at it's best.

For more information about this new brand, visit their website here.

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