Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Blazer-ing hot

Much as I want to think I can keep wearing my vintage blazers in this warmer weather, I just can't. The Hong Kong humidity has beaten me. It wins. Grrr.

I mean, I gave it a worthy effort. I really did. I thought I'd be oh so smug and write a post about how you can still wear blazers in summer weather. It was planned out perfectly in my head.  All you have to do, I was going to say, is wear shorts and a tee.

Heck, it's so foolproof that I can even wear my booties for a little while longer, I thought. And I managed to survive for most of the day dressed in my blazer and booties with my shorts and tee. And my hair down. All day! That is until I asked the hubby to help with taking these photos.

We were catching the end of the daylight which made the lighting difficult for photos, and there was absolutely NO breeze. After cooling off in our car, we snapped a few pictures only to realize that they didn't turn out and we had to redo them all.

I was dripping. Let's just say glistening (I'm sure you can see).

Goodbye vintage blazers, I'll see you again in October...if I'm lucky.

Vintage blazer comes from a friend Jade's mother's collection.


pink vintage heart said...

So funny that you wrote about this because I just packed away my vintage blazers after hardly wearing them much this past fall and winter. I thought for a second that I could possible wear them just a little longer but the humidity in NYC will not allow. You look super cute as always in these pics!! Yay for summer and short/t-shirt weather:)


Kremb de la Kremb said...

In comes the sleeveless blazer--I know you have a few too, right? I took my favorite white and black and chopped the sleeves (well, you know who chopped the sleeves! winkwink). I wear them both so much more now that they're sleeveless.

Like you, I wore a little boho blazer downtown on Sunday. We went to see a movie and it was pouring. It stayed on the whole time. But I had on a tank--not a tee!

But yes, it's time to put the blazers away isn't it. Always a sad moment.

Great outfit!

Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

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