Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Beating the heat in vintage

After my last post, where I lamented the end of vintage blazer season in Hong Kong, I decided to return to my more cheery way of looking on the bright side and remind you (actually, myself mostly) about what vintage you can wear for summer.

You see, all is not lost! Summer is a time to simplify and de-clutter. That means less costume jewellery, fewer layers, sun hats and less complicated vintage styles. I love a good vintage dress,  so I all I have to do is rethink my silhouette and fabric. That's good news! Over the last few summers, I've found some really neat vintage pieces, perfect for summer.

 Lately, I look for natural fabrics when shopping for vintage, like vintage linen and cotton. And I look for looser silhouettes, like the drop waist dress style or oversized shirt dress styles.

My go-to vintage shop of late is Retro Rhapsody on Etsy. Store owner and vintage curating genius Kenia has the best selection of beautiful pieces in cottons and linens (among others). Her shop has some lovely minimalist dresses, skirts and blouses both in solid colors and subtle prints. She helped me discover a new love for earth tones like this latest rust colored dress.

With a few carefully selected accessories like my cuff from The Mauve Hour, a vintage Salvatore Ferragamo belt and this secondhand Cambridge Satchel, I'm ready for the warmer temps.

I'll definitely be packing some of these along with my vintage for my summer holiday.


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