Monday, June 6, 2016

5 signs that you're a vintage girl

Have you ever wondered whether or not you're a vintage girl? Wait, you don't ponder this question each day? Well, in case you have some inklings of vintage love, here are some pretty good indicators that you may be:

First, you have a favorite red lippy. (Not all reds are created equal, people. It makes a difference so not having the right shade just puts you off). I have a wide range of red lipsticks.  My favorite is MAC's Ruby Woo.  A close second is Nars Heat Wave. The first is a true classic matte red and probably the shade you'll see me wear most often. The second is a slightly more orange color, great for a slightly less classic look. I have red lippy in about every purse I own.

mac red lippy

The second clue that you might be a vintage girl is your wardrobe overflows with an abundance of blazers.  I mean it really is the best layering piece for a vintage girl's wardrobe. It's the equivalent of a flannel shirt for a guy, a go to layer to finish off any outfit. I have several blazers, both in solid colors and in prints.  They're good to dress up jeans, to wear with a high waisted midi skirt, or over dresses. I'm a little upset that blazer weather is over in Hong Kong. I tried to be tricky and wear one with shorts the other day, but I was miserably sweaty all day.

       blue pendleton

The third way to know you might be a vintage girl is that you basically alternate between wearing oxfords and clogs.  Now, granted mine aren't actually vintage, but they're certainly vintage-inspired.  A quick look online on Etsy or in a good charity shop or the like will turn up with many gorgeous shoes with much wear still left in them.  I like oxfords because they really compliment vintage dresses and skirts as well as a classic pair of high-waisted pants quite nicely. They really help to create that Annie Hall look that I love. Now that it's summer, my oxfords have taken a backseat to my Moheda Swedish clogs. There is never not an occasion for my clogs.

Every vintage girl has a good vintage satchel style handbag, do you?  My favorites come from Coach or Liz Claiborne. You can find them quite reasonably and in good vintage condition, too.  Like the blazer, it's a classic design that doesn't go out of style.  I love Coach handbags for their classic vintage simplicity and for their range of sizes. I'm also a real fan of the Cambridge Satchel bags. Mine is secondhand and has been on serious repeat now that it's summer and I need a smaller bag to carry around.

vintage liz claiborne purse

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, you might be a vintage girl if when you wake up, you don't make a decision about whether to wear a scarf or not, but rather which one.  I've got quite a collection which I have curated over the years -- is it bad that I have a whole drawer just for my scarves? There's really nothing like the beautiful prints on vintage scarves that you come across when thrift shopping.  I've found absolute gems in Goodwill, at charity shops and estate sales.  The best part? They're super cheap.  The vintage scarf is part of my signature look.

vintage scarves 

 For me there is no question, I am a vintage girl. In fact, around Hong Kong, I'm referred to as the vintage blogger. I love that my affinity for vintage has really defined my style. But, how about you? How many of these signs do you have?

Drop me a line and let me know. And if you think I missed one, that's cool too.

*All clothing images from Etsy (except for just a snippet of my scarf collection and my faux leopard pocket Cambridge Satchel).


Kaelyn Choo said...

Hi there,

Just came across your blog. Interesting post!Blazer - checked, oxford shoes - checked (although I need to buy new pairs), for me it's vintage sling bag...

Have a good weekend in advance!


Kremb de la Kremb said...

I'm with you on the red lippy! And I have different shades and textures to choose from so I can get just the right red. And, yes, Ruby Woo is in there!

I'd say I'm a second hand shopper--not necessarily vintage. I love wanting to make something--like star patched jeans and strawberry patched jeans (You know what I'm talking about!), and finding the materials at a secondhand shop. Like once I bought this tassel necklace from Forever 21 online. But to be honest, on me, it was hideous, but I still liked it. Well, I found a gorgeous vintage coach bag and sewed the necklace on. It's one of my very favorite bags, and it's been personalized! Another one of my favorites is the mens shirt I bought and then cut off the top to make an off the shoulder.

So....what does this make me? I guess I just like to make things personal, maybe? I'm not sure. Maybe I'll just be the quirky blogger. No, just kidding!

I love that you are the Vintage Blogger of Hong Kong. It's pretty awesome!

Fun post N.

Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

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