Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Style Minute: Making Vintage Modern

I'm a vintage girl. But at the same time, I don't want to only be the vintage girl. Don't get me wrong, I love the classic look of vintage. Two of my favorite Instagram accounts are @norafinds and @iddavanmunster, who both look like they've glamorously stepped out of a time machine and into our modern day.  There is many a day that I try to channel this inspiration into my own outfit, especially with my hair.

Still, this classic vintage look may not be everyone's thing.  And, I'll be honest, it's not always so practical for me from day to day as a working mum (even though I did do housework in a vintage dress one day). There are ways to incorporate some vintage pieces into your look without totally altering your style.  

I thought I would take a minute to share a few of my tips:

First, ignore the fact that what you're wearing is actually vintage.  In other words, don't feel like you're trapped wearing only 80s clothes if you decide to style an item from that decade.  For example, just because a blazer has that power blazer 80s vibe, doesn't mean I need to style it with big chunky 80s accessories, secretary skirts, big hair, etc. Or take this pink vintage dress, just because it's got that sweet 50s cut, wearing the leather moto jacket and chunky wedges changes it. Think more along the lines of how you style clothes normally (by color, by cut, by occasion, etc).  

Second, pay attention to trends. If you look at what's hot on the runway each season, I guarantee you that those looks will have been inspired by a previous decade's fashion.  There is, for example, a whole style of 80s dresses (now vintage) inspired by 50s day dresses (also vintage), which proves that what goes around comes around.  Since fashion is cyclical, it's totally doable to incorporate vintage pieces with modern trends.  I decided to wear my blazer (in the first picture) with distressed skinny black jeans that I'd been noticing all over my feed.  I decided to DIY distress an old high rise pair I had from years ago (not long enough to be vintage, however).

Finally (and this is a good style tip to consider always), do something unexpected. Make your look uniquely you.  Wear converse with a dress. Or a beanie with a blazer. Knee high socks with high heels, you get it.

The thing is, just don't over think it. I try not to. In fact, sometimes the outfits I like best are the ones I've thrown together in a scramble to get out the door.

***Adapted from a previous post I wrote for Sisters in Vintage on Style by Asia.


Unknown said...

Aww Norbyah thanks for the mention you are the sweetest! You wear 70s-80s really well and I agree that not overthinking it is probably the best tips anyone can give! I believe that our styles naturally evolve and maybe you'll find yourself wearing older pieces (or I newer pieces) but at the end of the day it's about having fun!

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