Wednesday, May 25, 2016

And the Rest is Rust and Stardust

It's funny to me how our preferences change over time. I wrote about embracing a new color for me, brown, on the blog a few years ago.

And for a while there, I thought that perhaps that Vic and Lily dress was a one-off. It happened to have a beautiful print, and the vintage buttons just sealed it for me. So maybe I'd declared a love for the color brown prematurely.

Something has happened over the course of the last several months, though. My sartorial preferences have moved toward more neutral earth tones. In particular, this shade of brown, which is more like a rust color.

This dress is the third dress I have in this tone. The first two are vintage from RetroRhapsody, one of my favorite vintage shops on Etsy. The lovely owner Kenia basically fuels my love of all things earth toned. This sundress came from Sri Lanka where we spent our Christmas holidays. There are so many gorgeous textiles in a variety of colors to be found in that country. I'm itching to go back.

I love this rust tone because it works especially well with shades of blue, which is my favorite color. I loved that this dress had two different shades of blue on the border. And, since I have an abundance of blue in my wardrobe, this rust color blends nicely into the color scheme of my outfits.

Sometimes May feels like the longest month. Summer is in sight and I can't wait to get away with the family and be less busy.

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