Monday, May 16, 2016

Alternatives to Fast Fashion

A little while back, I read this article over at Refinery 29. It provided details about eighteen brands that were good alternatives to Fast Fashion brands like Zara or Forever 21. Of course, I immediately read through the entire post and noted names of brands I'd consider checking out.

But then I started thinking, what about sharing some locally based Hong Kong brands which would be good alternatives to Fast Fashion brands? I can easily do that, and what better way to support local? I'm all about that!

So here are some of my recommendations for locally based brands to check out (good news, you can find them all online, too):

What: An online boutique of smaller independent brands carefully selected because sustainable practice is at the core of their business practice/production, etc. The website features brands like Svilu (who recycle plastic bottles into fabric), The Sway (who use reclaimed leather to make their jackets) or Groceries Apparel (who make comfy cotton basics from organic cotton).

Who: The Mauve Hour
What: Designer Paige Sinclair uses vintage pieces (brooches, shoe clips, belt buckles, etc) and upcycles them into these ruggedly elegant leather cuffs. They're super edgy and all of them are one of a kind. 

Who: Louella Odie
What: A mother-daughter design team, Karen and Lauren Mead have created stylish lifestyle products and accessories which incorporate artwork inspired by their island living and sailing adventures. More than that their designs reflect a local Hong Kong vibe that both local and and international customers alike will find refreshing and unique.

Who: What the Frock
What: Fun and flirty dresses and accessories for every occasion. These dresses flatter every body type and come in high quality fabrics (mainly silk), fun colors and prints. Because What the Frock makes limited numbers of each frock (they're not mass produced), you can be guaranteed that you'll look fresh and your dress will be unique. More importantly, you'll be ready for fun wherever you should encounter it.

Who: Polkadot Boutique
What: A stylish women's boutique located in Soho, Hong Kong which aims at giving shoppers a unique experience by featuring emerging and independent designers from Hong Kong and international markets. You'll be guaranteed to find the hottest trends made well and at affordable prices.

Who: Grana
What: Wardrobe essentials made from the world's best fabrics and priced affordably. There need not be a compromise on quality because an item is inexpensive. Grana's business model aims to change the fashion industry from the bottom up. They have carefully chosen quality fabrics and by making their pieces in small batches (no mass production here), they can keep their prices competitive. Pop into The Fitting Room (locations in Hong Kong and Sydney for now) to touch each of the pieces and try them on and then order them online. 

Who: A Day with Fe 
What: Stylish activewear with flattering feminine cuts made for the woman on the move who is in touch with her inner strength. You'll want to live in these pieces and they're made in subtle colors which allow you to do just that.

Who: Raven and Rose
What: Designer Jasmine Smith has created lingerie for women who are daring and independent and far from predictable, who prefer chunky boots over high heels and silver studs over diamonds. The lingerie is super sexy and more importantly, very wearable. You'll want to show it off under sheer tops or peekaboo outfits or heck, just lounge around at home looking hot in your knickers all day.

How lucky am I to live in Hong Kong where all these businesses and brands have made their start? So much creative goodness happening in my town.

Now, don't feel bad if you're not in Hong Kong, people. You can still enjoy getting to know these brands online and even better, reading some reviews of these shops on ShopVenture where I have submitted some reviews. ShopVenture is a great user-generated rating and review community whose mission is to help shoppers make purchases thoughtfully. It's kind of like a social media/shopping review kind of community where your friends give you feedback. If you need a little nudging to hit 'purchase now' this review site will do it.


Anonymous said...

Hi ! Great post ! Also a great fan about slow fashion and emerging designers in Hong Kong ! You should definitely check this brand out :

Katy from Modern Mummy said...

Oh my gawd I'm in love with ALL those cuffs from The Mauve House! Gorgeous x

ESiE said...

These are all fantastic options. I'm definitely checking them out :)
Eileen | Instagram | Facebook

Norbyah said...

I've heard of them, thank you. My friend has worn somebody their clothes. Will have to make it to one of their next events!

Unknown said...

Love this post, we waste clothing so much nowadays not to mention the effects on the people wearing it etc. Never herd of any of these, not sure they'll deliver to me though
livinginaboxx | bloglovin

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