Sunday, April 10, 2016

Look Book Story : A Day at Wong Tai Sin Temple

Hong Kongers love to spend time outside, probably because so much of their lives revolve around being in the city, indoors. Any chance there is to visit the country park, go on a hike, relax at a sitting-out area in town, or a tour temple complex, you can guarantee that most of Hong Kong will take it. It's the way of life here in this bustling city.

Wong Tai Sin Temple Complex is no different. Despite the fact that it was teeming with people, it was the perfect location for a girls day out. The pair of friends were looking for some local Hong Kong culture, and to see a part of the city unknown to them.

They packed their Lattice Collection bags from Louella Odie, wore their lovely Spring dresses from What the Frock and were ready for a stylish adventure.

And what adventures in style they had! At the temple complex, they were fanned by cool breezes which made their outfits come alive. They basked in the sun, unusual for Hong Kong's normally foggy February, while they took in some of the beautiful local sights.

Temple goers were buying joss sticks and bringing offerings while tourists embraced Hong Kong's Chinese culture and the spring flowers. All around, reds, blues and greens adorned the temples where the girls explored the gardens. 

Having toured the gardens of Wong Tai Sin and explored its temples, the girls decided it was time to call it a day. They had discovered a part of Hong Kong which was new to them and were inspired to plan more style adventures in this lovely city.

For more about our day and the brands involved, make sure to visit Emily's blog for her post on our Look Book collaboration (City Rags).

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