Monday, March 21, 2016

Vintage Dress Rescue & Giveaway

I've learned, more than once the hard way, about the special care vintage clothing takes.  Especially vintage cotton.  These days, our colored fabric is generally color fast.  This is not necessarily so with vintage fabrics.

Last year, I wrote this post about my big mishap with this black and white dress.  You can read about that disaster here.  Basically, the black dye ran all through the white stripes when I decided to gently  hand wash this dress, giving the white stripes a tie dyed appearance.

Needless to say, I was devastated and irritated with my own carelessness.  I pleaded with my readers to make any suggestions they could think of to try to save this dress.  Though I had a few good ones which I did try, the dress was beyond rescue. Or so I thought.  I decided to sit on this one until a solution came to me or I would have to get rid of the dress.

In good conscience, I couldn't just send this one to the Salvo.  After all, since I have written about vintage rescue and all that I believe about unnecessary textile waste as well as finding a way to make things wearable, I would be a hypocrite to discard of the dress.

Then one day it came to me.  I'd been sitting on all this batik fabric that I brought back several years before from a trip to Malaysia.  I had used lots of it for various other DIY type projects, so I had strips of it left.  After playing with the strips of fabric and having a conversation with my trusted seamstress, I decided to hem the dress to knee length and give it a new patterned band around the waist.  To make sure it didn't look odd because there was no other fabric sewn on the dress, I also decided to add a panel to the front.

The result was better than expected, but more than anything, I was excited that the dress still has life.  It's a win all around, don't you think? Now, in order to really live out it's wear, I need to find it a new home. It's just not getting much wear in my wardrobe and I think it should.  Therefore, I've decided to host a giveaway. To enter, all you need to do is head over to the Rafflecopter link below and follow along.  Leave me a comment to let me know about a time you've rescued an article of clothing or share with me where you'd wear this dress.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'll announce a winner on Monday, March 28th.


  1. I would wear this dress to a nice summer lunch

  2. This is such a great re-dress! Well done! Love the use of Batik as a trim (you should do a post on your blazer with the re-dressed pockets too)

    I'd wear this with wedges heels, a navy blue Louella clutch, and cat-eye sunnies, to a beach lunch at the secret cove! xx

  3. I'd wear this with brown stacked heels (70s like) or a wedge- whatever sunnies I have that haven't been broken by my kids- and my 3 boys in tow

  4. Love you Pork Pie. Remember when you saved my wine soaked blouse?

  5. Would wear this to a family gathering

  6. Wow, that looks beautiful! I am working on a "rescue" right now, taking a moth-eaten wool skirt and sewing panels to it for a quilted appearance. This is a great refashion that came out looking wonderful!

    - Emily

  7. Love the dress. I've rescued vintage dresses and modernized them! I love adding my own creative feel to older dresses



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