Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My two weeks in swimwear

Oh, Sri Lanka...you seem like a lifetime ago. What I wouldn't give to be able to be in beach mode again. Nowhere to be. Oblivious to time of day. A good book to read. Really, the only stress when you're in beach mode is securing the best spot for lounging.

Actually, we had that part of our beach holiday in the bag. The best view. Every. Single. Day.

The other part of a beach holiday is the swimwear and I feel confident that I was in good hands there, too. Mer Culture had kindly outfitted me with a top and bottom from their Aphrodite Collection to go along with a set I'd bought from their Turkish Delights Collection last summer.

I was most pleased that the two sets could easily be interchanged. That made beach living really easy.  While technically I packed two bikinis, in essence I had four.

That doesn't even include all the different ways to wear the tops. My bandeau top came with removable straps that could be crisscrossed in a variety of combinations. The halter top can be worn two ways as well (see the first two pictures).

Mer Culture also offers two styles for the bottoms.  One is a more boy brief style, low cut and cheeky. The other is a string bikini style, equally cheeky. The Italian fabrics are gorgeous and I also love the adornments (metal tassles, etc) sourced thoughtfully in Spain.

Seriously, these bikinis have been paddle boarding on the lake in the summer and they saw plenty of beach and body boarding time in Sri Lanka. 

Pop over to their website because they offer FREE worldwide shipping and you may even discover that they're having a Spring sale.

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