Thursday, March 3, 2016

If these walls could talk

When I wander the alleys of Stanley Market, the places I linger longest are usually the most grimy and least polished. They're the shortcuts known only to the locals. The places that aren't dressed up for the tourists.

These walls, the ones with character in their cracks and moss covering their color are the ones I like to use for backgrounds.  Chipped paint, stained concrete, broken pavement.  These things all add texture, and I love pictures and backgrounds with texture.

The front side of the market, the part that is in constant flux; it's face is changing. Rents are high and new shops are coming in to replace ones that have been there forever. I've written about how these changes make me feel. And this has been happening for a while.

So maybe that's what draws me to these off the beaten path locations. The fact is they remain largely unchanged. For the most part they're forgotten in the madness of 'progress' in Stanley.

Every once in a while, a wall gets a new coat of paint. Or some old crumbly crack gets patched.

Nothing can change these places permanently. The walls feel original and I like to imagine that within them, they hold a lot of Stanley's history. It's stories. They hold memories of when the locals who work in this market were once children running it's alleys, as mine do now.

***Photos taken on a VERY cold day by Ann.

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