Monday, March 14, 2016

Fringe with benefits

Where does your inspiration for an outfit come from? I'm getting good at building outfits around one statement piece (I've done it twice in the last few weeks, so think what you like). First, it was my new leather cuff from The Mauve Hour made by upcycling vintage pieces (more on that in another post).

Next it was this green fringed statement necklace, a sweet gift from my favorite acrobatic photographer, Akiko. How could you not build an outfit around this piece? It's fabulous! And it was so much fun to wear. 

Can you imagine it belted? Or with a swimsuit? I think it will be perfect for sexy summer outfits, too. I'm already thinking of them to distract me from this gloomy grey fog we're experiencing in Hong Kong right now.

Green isn't a color I've normally had in my wardrobe, but I picked up this beach wrap in Sri Lanka at Christmas and when my girl Akiko gave me the necklace, it was the first article of clothing I thought about. They were a match meant to be.

The green wall is a stone's throw from a good friend's house in Stanley, and it was a totally unintentional coincidence which worked out quite well for photos. Green on green on green. I build outfits around one piece, not a backdrop. At least, not yet.

Does anyone else do this? As I sit here writing, I realize I've done it again with my Raven + Rose lingerie which is so amazing it needs to be seen; so make it three successful attempts.

Outfit: Monki trench (secondhand), Louella Odie lattice print bag, Baglady Basics t-shirt dress

***Pictures by Ann


cyeh said...

yes! such a great necklace!

Shani Shan said...

I was scrolling through this post, wondering where you got the dress from. lol. Then I realized it was BLB haha. I love everything about this outfit...permission to repost?!

Unknown said...

Why of course!

Kali said...

what a fun necklace!! that is awesome!

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