Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Prints: More is more

 Today was good one. It's Wednesday. The week is half over and I had a good outfit day. Oh, it was soooo good. I loved wearing it.

On Wednesdays at work, the ladies and I do Wild Print Wednesday. It started quite by accident, actually. When you work as closely as I am so fortunate to be able to, with wonderful women like my Wombies (yes, we have a nickname), then we not only think alike, but we start to dress alike, too. A while back we noticed that we all tended to show up to work on Wednesdays in very wild prints, so we decided to make it an actual thing.

I've been wanting to wear this Maisha Concept top and skirt made from sari fabric and embellished with Kenyan textiles since I got it for my birthday last December. The weather in Hong Kong has taken another cold dip, so I needed layers, but I wasn't so sure how to style the top and skirt set with something warm.

Then I remembered this secondhand Zara coat that I got at the Get Redressed Pop Up sale. And, of course I always carry my Louella Odie bag which features this gorgeous lattice print on it. I did have a fleeting thought... what if all these prints are too much? But I brushed the thought aside as quickly as it came. I love color and I've never shied away from print, which was cause for some worry for me when I noticed I've been favoring neutrals lately (yes, I know...big problems. Humor me, okay?)

The result of all this lattice-y print mixing (even my Ona Chan Jewellery lattice square cocktail ring made it) was this happy ensemble. 

Aaaand just like that, I'm back! Woot!


Tales of Two said...

I love all that print! I myself love mixing up prints a lot ! Perfection.

moxandsocks said...

I love the print mixing here!! That's so cool that you have such a tight-knit group of coworkers that loves dressing up as much as you. :-)

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