Monday, February 22, 2016

J Crew: Vintage details for Fall Winter 2016

I was browsing over at Refinery 29, when I stumbled onto this article detailing "25 Easy Styling Tips We Learned from J Crew." What especially caught my eye was the idea that they were particularly influenced by "old-school notions of pretty" for this season's pieces. 

In my book that means vintage. Fashion is cyclical. I'm sure I've said this before.  

Let's investigate...

Quirky prints to match to your shoes. Yup.

Look at the sweet neck scarf on the left (the whole outfit nicely balancing classic plaid with sparkly sequins). The outfit on the right shows a lovely blouse complete with pussy bow collar, not to mention the hounds tooth blazer or the camel colored cape. Hello? Vintage?

One word here: culottes. (Technically the outfit on the right shows wide leg jeans, but those are vintage influenced for sure).

And this last outfit shows a blazer and culottes, not to mention it reminds me of a good tip for styling all the neutrals I've been wearing -- colorful accessories!

Old school is always my favorite.

*** J Crew outfit pictures from Refinery 29

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