Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fashion police: Beanies

About two weeks ago, the hubby stumbled across the fashion section of our Sunday Morning Post  which declared beanies a passing trend. He's not a regular reader of this section nor is he even aware of fashion much, so I'm always amused when he does pay attention. Don't get me wrong, my husband is not your typical doesn't have a clue, shops at Old Navy male. He has an edgy style all his own, which I really love. But it also comes along with a I don't really give a shit attitude, which I also love.

The guy also knows how to push my buttons. So after reading the fashion police column, he casually mentioned it as I was getting ready and slipping on one of my beanies. He used his usual teasing tone of voice to see if he could bait me into a discussion.

I think I surprised him when I replied with some mild hostility (I surprised myself, actually). Don't worry, we didn't really argue. He was needling and so I poked him back.

I'm. Not. A. Follower. Of. Trends!!!

There...I got it out of my system. I honestly don't actually care.  Except, who am I kidding? I kind of do.  I'm a girl. As much as I say they don't, other people's opinions do matter to me. Not enough to make me stop wearing an item or do certain things, but enough to make me feel a little self conscious. That's the truth.

And anyway, beanies are cosy for this time of year. Normally, I'm a vintage scarf kind of girl, but it's #beanieonthetown season (#pinkbeanieonthetown #bluebeanieonthetown, etc).  I like to wear them with outfits to add an element of unexpected whimsy.

So, I'm going to keep wearing them, whether they're hot or not.

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