Monday, January 18, 2016

Hong Kong Fashion Week: Eco Chic Design Award Grand Final

It's that time of year again; it's Hong Kong Fashion Week and time for the Eco Chic Design Award Grand Final. What a wonderful week of inspiration it will be! I can hardly wait to see this year's finalists and their designs created using sustainable design techniques.

This year feels different because I'm mentoring a student at my school whose senior project is about sustainable fashion.  She's attended events with me, and we're going to the Grand Final together.  In fact, she may even have an opportunity to volunteer with Redress and work behind the scenes somewhere.  I'm living vicariously through her. It's so exciting to think about the potential she will have in her future to move the fashion industry forward in this direction.

This year, the show will be live streaming online so people can tune in from around the world.  The link can be found on the Eco Chic Design Award website, so be sure to tune in at around 5pm HKT so that you can enjoy front row seats to the show.

In the meantime, enjoy these behind the scene photos from the photo shoot and the behind the scenes video, too.  I'll be back to share my experiences here next week.

 For more behind the scenes photos, click over to the photo gallery on the Eco Chic Design Award website, here. Thanks Redress for sending these over and for inviting me back to the show again.

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