Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Repeat outfit offender: fashion faux pas or ecochic?

 Wow, I unintentionally took a week long hiatus. I suppose that's life for a working mummy blogger. The good news is that the family is healthy, my mum had a successful heart procedure, we celebrated two birthdays on the same day (mine and my son's) and Christmas is finally in the air! Literally. The Hong Kong weather has turned.

So, with cooler temperatures, I suddenly feel like the Christmas spirit has hit me. And of course, cool weather outfits are legitimate options now. Yay!

Already, I've got some favorite items that I'm going to wear over and over.  Take this vintage skirt and second hand Monki jacket, for example. In only a few weeks of owning these new-to-me garments, they've had much wear.  This skirt from Retro Rhapsody is light weight, so it's a great layering piece.  Likewise, the jacket, a piece from Shop North (the senior project I told you about earlier) is also light weight. Throw in this camel colored sweater, a score from my friend Maria's wardrobe acquired during our clothing swap, and I'm set.

All over the internet, I see posts explaining 'how to avoid repeating outfits' or 'how soon is too soon to repeat an outfit' or even 'the complete guide to repeating outfits.' I guess it's an actual dilemma.

There are just as many posts about why it's okay to repeat outfits, too.  Apparently, some people do it well.  The Duchess of Cambridge gets many compliments for doing this while abiding by strict royal protocol as well.  Yay, Kate!

So what's my take on this controversial topic?

I think if it's well worn, it's well loved. I admit, with this outfit, I did none of the things suggested for repeating outfits. I styled it the same. I wore the same accessories. I wore my hair the same way. I even wore the same shade of lippy.

The first time (I've worn it this way three times) I didn't wear the jacket, only because it was too warm to wear comfortably. The second time I wore it this way, I was in Shanghai. Less than a week later, I wore this same ensemble back in Hong Kong.

Usually I get people asking how big my wardrobe is, implying that I have so many clothes. This tends to make me feel guilty. Here, though, is proof that I do wear things over and over. 

In fact, I just got this skirt back from the dry cleaners, so I'm already planning to wear it again.

Pictures taken by Kremb de la Kremb

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Tales of Two said...

haha, what a coincidence,we just wrote a post on our blog about repeating outfits! I love however that you wore it as is, something I myself tend to do several times!


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