Monday, November 2, 2015

Trending on Halloween: Vintage and DIY

  To me, the best kind of costume is the one you make yourself.

Over the last few years at Halloween, my vintage clothing has come to the rescue for some very easy costume assembly.  Sometimes, its been so easy that I wasn't actually dressed up for the holiday, but I got complimented for having a costume, anyhow. See my Rosie the Riveter look? Not planned.

Last year, I was Wednesday Addams.  Easy. I wore this gorgeous floral dress from Vintspiration on Etsy. I'd like to revisit this costume another time, maybe this time adding some sort of peter pan collar.

This year I dressed up as Frida Kahlo, who is such a style inpiration for me anyhow.  I wrote about how she had great style on the blog before.  I hope I did her justice.  It was scary how quickly I could put her look together.  The unibrow was hilarious, too.  My littlest girl kept looking at me and telling me that I looked angry. Haha!

We use the same DIY idea to create the kiddos costumes, too. It really forces you to think creatively. And its fun to see a costume come together. This year we had Rorschach, a little devil and a vampire queen. Despite not looking thrilled, they were stoked about how they looked.

My last look of Halloween was Bride of Frankenstein to go to a Obsolete Sciences themed party.  Here again, my vintage clothing came to the rescue.  My faux beehive (with a plastic cup underneath my own teased hair) was a hit with locals on the train. 

Can you tell how much I love Halloween? And let's not think about the fact that these are my real clothes.  Aside from the hairdos, these looks are not far off how I normally dress!


Kremb de la Kremb said...

Awesome costumes over the years Norbyah! And, yes, that's very impressive that it's all based from your wardrobe. What really, really got me though was how this Saturday you were able to fit the kiddos in and then have a little mom and dad fun too. Total ROCK STAR! By the time the kids were done, I was ready for bed too! I need to take a lesson from you and Joe.

My favorite out of all the looks....can't choose! They're all great!

Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Anonymous said...

A plastic cup under your beehive? That's genius, I ought to try it. Thank you for the idea! I was afraid you back-combed your hair to get such a poof (which is a pain to untangle).
I support DIY halloween costumes 100%! It's way more fun trying to put together what you have. Plus you look so lovely as the Bride of Frankenstein!

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