Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Eco Chic Design Award Alumni Network Launch

I can't help but be excited by all the things Redress stands behind. In support of the Eco Chic Design Award, they launched an Alumni Network last month at Miele in Causeway Bay.

The Eco Chic Alumni Network was set up by Redress to connect designers with industry opportunities who can in turn support these designers' budding growth and impact in the fashion industry. Designers in this network are all alumni of the Eco Chic Design Awards and are in various stages of their careers - collaborating with brands, developing their own brand, etc.

In addition to a panel discussion with some industry insiders about on the topic of 'Is the future of fashion ready for positive change?' the event also showcased some of the designs from a select group of alumni.  Among the many there, I was particularly taken by these two designers' pieces.

Clementine Sandner's designs were comfy, casual and colorful with the use of discarded fabrics upcycled into new designs. She continues to develop her line while teaching in Osaka.

Alex Law's designs used zero waste, upcycling and end-of-roll textiles to create a classy, minimalist line known as Alex Leau. Like I have said before, more and more I'm being drawn to minimalist designs like these.

I was able to catch up with Tiffany Pattinson, whose designs I styled for a winter shoot with Ecozine using some of my vintage accessories. I caught up once again with Kevin Germanier, the 2014/15 winner of the Eco Chic Design Grand Final, who is in Hong Kong working on developing a line for Shanghai Tang. I can't wait to see what he comes up with. I also hope to bring you an interview with him prior to the launch of his line.

Probably the highlight of the evening was bringing along my student Tora who I'm mentoring this year with her project on sustainable fashion.  I really enjoyed introducing her to Redress staff, designers, bloggers, etc, and helping her to find more inspiration for her project. It was a fun way for the two sides of me - fashion and teaching - to coincide.

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