Monday, November 23, 2015

A hat for every occasion

When I'm not a wearer of scarves, I'm a wearer of hats.

It's no secret; I'm a fan of head adornments.  Mostly I stick to the vintage scarf.  They're good for any season.  Lately, with the cooler breezes and autumn weather making it's appearance, I'm finally pulling out all my hats, too.

Hats and scarves have been my friend this last month since I've been so busy, I could barely find time to get a haircut.  You'll notice that my undercut had grown all the way out and looks much shaggier in these pictures. It's almost like having two hair styles. Thankfully, right after these photos were taken, I made an appointment and I've got a fresh new do.

The busyness comes from being a different kind of wearer of hats. Mother, wife, teacher, blogger, event planner. Rooftop concert season has started and we're about to roll into our birthday season (well planned parenting haha!)

Last week, I wore yet another hat: dance director.  I had a lovely five days away in Shanghai chaperoning ten students at a Dance Festival. We took part in workshops, created new choreography in fusion groups and my students performed their school ensemble. It was a great experience and I even caught up with a lovely friend from another school, but now I'm glad to be home.

Time to stick with these other hats for a while.

Outfit details: Vintage dress from Pre-Loved Pop Up (and the lovely Rachel), vintage curvette from Main Street Estate Sales, vintage cardigan from Get Redressed Pop Up, vintage and modern jewellery, Louella Odie Skyline Bag, Moheda Swedish Clogs from Square Street

Thanks Kremb de la Kremb for the photos.


Kremb de la Kremb said...


I adore the first pic and the second to last! Your smile is so sweet and well the dimples are even sweeter!

What was the name of the hat again? I already forget. Regardless, it gorgeous! I love peacocks!! The blue is so vibrant in the clo... (something?)

I hope we can figure out a time to get together again this week to take pics. The nights are getting darker sooner now too! Gasp!!

Welcome back N.

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Kremb de la Kremb said...

PS--Thanks for coming and linking up Sweetie!

Lesley in Hong Kong said...

I am wondering where you bought the white bag with the Hong Kong skyline on it? I love it~! Lesley

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