Sunday, October 11, 2015

To trend or not to trend

That is the question.

I've never really been a follower of trends. To be honest, I am never really aware of what's in at any particular moment (read I don't pay attention to trend forecasts).  I don't really read those columns that tell you what five items you need in your wardrobe for fill-in-the-blank season. 

I'm not saying I live under a rock. I see things. I make note. I have more than a few cropped tops in my wardrobe (and I know they're very on trend at the moment). I just don't always follow.

The neck scarf trend I decided to try quite by accident. I was straightening my head scarf and fixing my hair one day, so I rested the scarf around my neck. I kind of liked how it looked so I kept it there.

Any use for my collection of vintage scarves is a good one and I may very well try this look again. Trend or not.

Outfit details: vintage skirt from estate sale, jewellery a mix of vintage and modern finds, linen blouse from Stanley Market, vintage scarf from estate sale, sandals are Spanish Shoes HK menorquinas, Louella Odie Skyline Bag


  1. Well this is very timely. I published a post only today where I said pretty much the same thing (I'm not copying you, really!). I've never blindly followed anything. I only follow a trend if it works on my body so alot of trends just sail on by! A personal's style is so much more interesting than what is the latest this or that. Who wants to be a clone? I love the delicate print of your skirt and that's a great way to wear a scarf.
    Can I have your bag please? It's gorgeous. Where's it from?

  2. Hey lady, My bad for not noting details of my bag. It's from Louella Odie, a local Hong Kong brand. You can check their website for all their designs.

    THanks for the comment.

  3. Norbyah, I read this comment last night, and I have been thinking about it ever since, trying to figure out where I stand, what I think. That's the sign of a very good, thought provoking post!

    On the one hand, I love trying out trends. I love to see if they'll work for me. Like for example, I remember when I was first starting to get to know you, I tried out the scarf trend on my head. I felt so silly. It just didn't work for me. I'll have to scrounge up the Instagram photo and share it with you.

    Then, on the other hand, I really, really enjoy the thrill of being first to a trend OR better yet to have been the one wearing the trend for ages. For example, the whole culotte trend--well, I've had my black culottes since about 2005. I got them at a discount Walmart type store. They're in a sturdy twill fabric, so they haven't lost their shape in over 10 years. They have lost their color, so I dyed them black again. I don't think I'll ever get rid of those pants. Plus, they're kind of my measure as to where I am on the scale. If I fit in them, well I'm good to go.

    Another example of wanting to be the trendsetter just happened yesterday. I don't get Facebook, but a friend just liked a pic of me from 2008. I'm in an off the shoulder top--another trend that's having a huge moment right now. I've got on the cutest little Rosarita off the shoulder top back when this style wasn't even a trent. Oh my gosh! I just realized in the picture I'm wearing the above mentioned culottes too. (I'll tag you;)

    So, as you can see, you really got me thinking. To trend or not to trend. I think I'm just always trying new things. Always. That's the really fun part!

    Oh, and by the way, I love this outfit. It's super sweet on you.

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  4. Oh! And thank you for linking up to the Style Story Link UP!! A x

  5. Ann, I say be bold and adventurous....that's you! Not that I'm not bold and adventurous...I think I've had some stares in my day. But, like you said in your post. If you think you are, you are. For me it's about noticing trends, but not being driven by them...does that make sense?

  6. Lovely post. I think the thing about developing your own sense of style is you have to figure out what trends suit you and what trends you'll turn into staples. As an aside, you are totally giving me an Audrey Hepburn vibe in these photos.


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