Thursday, October 29, 2015

The versatility of clothing

Here's a throwback to summer days. Wide open blue skies, sunshine radiating off the vibrant pinks, yellows and purples of the flowers and warm summer breezes.

This white dress was another summer vintage find from MAHPS Vintage in Brooklyn.  The light cotton fabric made it perfect to wear on those warm days, and of course I loved the loose fitting silhouette.  Little did I know that nearly all my summer purchases were similar in this way.

The loose fit of the dress made it a perfect piece to belt, but because I was on summer holiday and packing somewhat light (who am I kidding) I didn't actually bring a belt with me. I used my Louella Odie Blue Bouquet scarf as a belt instead. Now I'm thinking about all kinds of new things for my vintage scarf collection!

Styled with my new-to-me thrifted hat and sunglasses and my menorquinas, I think this was a classic summer look that I know I'll come back to next year.

I can imagine sipping mint juleps in the shade, can't you?

The boy decided to get artsy and snap a pic of these lovely flowers next door to the in laws.
Looking back at these summer pictures all these months later makes me miss those carefree days of June and July.  We're all the way into fall now in Hong Kong (that's right, it comes late here).  The busy pace of school has not slowed down. Not at all.

Yesterday I tried styling this summer dress for fall by wearing it with a long vintage duster and some black boots. I really liked how it turned out, even though I felt a little bit self conscious about the ensemble (see my Instagram feed for these thoughts).

I did get asked if I was dressed as a shepherd, which was fine. I guess I did kind of resemble one, minus the staff. Here I was worried that I looked like I'd joined a cult! In any case, I'll wear it all again: scarves as belts, summer dresses in winter. I can envision how this dress will work with tights and a cardigan, too. I love when an article of clothing is so versatile.


Kremb de la Kremb said...

That BLUE sky!! Norbyah, this is my third blog comment today where I desperately need the blue heart emoticon--the other two went to Rachel the Hat for her blue beanie and tote and then Fake Fabulous for her blue tights.

Ahhh, those summer days of crisp blue and white together. I love how you styled the scarf as a belt. It's like you were styling your dress with the sky together. And ahhh, far away!

I'm off to check out your shepherd outfit--I'm sure it was fabulous!

Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

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