Friday, September 4, 2015

To Snapchat or not to Snapchat: Social media musings

I'm pretty blog savvy. I've been working this whole Facebook and Instagram thing for a while, too.  
Thanks to some blog tips from Thrifts and Threads, I discovered a few new apps to help me maximize social media platforms. You can read that post here.

But the thing about social media is that, as with any trend, it's always changing. It's only natural.  People's preferences change. These days we're all much more image oriented. I admit myself that I don't read blogs as regularly as I used to. I lament the whole decline of blogging issue (yes, I'm over analyzing this again). But the blogs I do read keep me coming back because of the content. That's what I love. I think it's becoming more and more about the writing.

But, those of us who are bloggers know, blogging is not just about the blog. Or the writing. It's so much other stuff, too.  The social media component is such a necessary part of running a successful blog. So yes, I have my Instagram feed. I finally made a Facebook page just for my blog (I'd been using my normal Facebook profile to promote blog posts, etc).

And just this summer, I joined Snapchat.  I've been watching the trend for a while, actually.  At work, of course, the kids all use Snapchat to just socialize in much the same way that we passed notes in class when I was in high school. I hadn't given this social media platform much thought because that's all I saw of it. It didn't seem like the kind of app I'd use.

But this summer I started to notice that bloggers were sharing their Snapchat usernames in their Instagram profiles. It made me curious about whether or not this might be a new way to reach followers or to encourage engagement. It also made me wonder if this would become a trend that would become a necessary part of blogging. So I had my seventeen year old niece teach me the ways of Snapchat. Honestly speaking, it was the first time something made me feel old. But I'm thinking it was because it was all so new.

Now that I've been on it for nearly a month and I'm following other bloggers whose blogs I read, I'm beginning to figure it out. If a Facebook page is to promote your blog and share posts or events and Instagram is a source of photo and style inspiration, it seems Snapchat is a way to share the day to day, minute to minute updates. On Snapchat, you add pictures and videos to your story. It feels much more casual and on-the-go than the other social media platforms, less polished and more real. To me, it almost seems like a place to get to know bloggers behind the scenes or peek into their personal lives. It's a way to see what bloggers (and other people) do when they're not being bloggers.

Mind you, I may be wrong. But either way, I'm giving it a go. Come check out my story if you like.


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