Sunday, September 13, 2015

I used to be a blogger

I feel like I write this post every year, but such is the pattern of life.

I'm busy.  Life with three kids is busy. A new school year is busy. There are so many events in the evenings (between parent nights and fashion type pop ups), so evenings are busy. Only, it's the third week of school already and I feel like I should be into a groove. Routines should be established. But they aren't.

When I think about it, I'm actually surprised that I was able to manage all of this before summer.  I mean, how did I do that? But maybe it's no surprise.  Every year the kids get bigger and their activities change, the hubby and I have different demands from work and our day to day lives are also different. It's one of the amazing things about being a teacher.  Every year is new.

I look at my blog and see that I've managed one post a week.  One whopping post per week! How did I do this before? I don't even want to talk about getting to the gym, alright? Pfft!

So, as I do every year, I hope that things will settle and I will feel a little more like I actually have a handle on all the pieces of my life. Bear with me. I mean, I know these are first world problems. They're working parent problems, they're blogger problems, but they're my problems.

And they're real.

Postlude: Today is Sunday. I've spent the better portion of today grumpy. It's getting to me. And, sorry that I don't have real pictures.  They're all still on my camera and I haven't taken any new ones lately.

Additional postlude: I stumbled across these two posts that remind me that other people are busy, too.
Thank you A Portable Package and The Chriselle Factor.

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