Saturday, August 15, 2015

In a fog

If you're in Hong Kong, you wouldn't believe me if I told you these pictures were taken in the spring.  Since returning to Hong Kong earlier this week, we've been inundated with the typical August weather. Rain.

And thunderstorms.  And foggy, misty, humid air.  Like a steam room.  I'll pretend it's good for my skin and that the sweat on my face is actually my skin glowing in a young and dewy way.


The weather kind of works with my state of mind at the moment.  I'm in a fog of jet lag.  In a blur of school prep.  In waves of overwhelming stress and procrastination.

But nevermind all that.  If I can at least look put together, maybe I can fool people into thinking that I am put together.

Stick with me. I'll get back to normal soon, and I'll probably be wearing outfits like this from the spring.  Only minus the hat.  It won't be hat weather for a couple of months.

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