Saturday, July 18, 2015

LO Summer Voyage: At the beach

Growing up in the tropical climate of Malaysia with the super warm water of the South China Sea means that for me, the idea of getting into the Atlantic Ocean is virtually impossible, even on a scorching hot day.  

This was not even a remotely hot day (in fact the breeze was rather cold), so I stayed in my Alex Black Collection Tasha shirt dress and huddled for warmth with my Louella Odie lattice print beach scarf.

One would think that by July, the summer would be well and truly in full swing up here, but given the unseasonably cool June weather, it was not.  In fact, even with a normal weather pattern, the warmest month is actually August.  My sister who owns a summer home here assured me that by then, the water will have warmed up enough so all the New York City dwellers will crowd the beach to make the most of it.

July 4th weekend up in the Hamptons was as busy as you would expect and definitely not short on crowds.  Every little town has it's own fireworks display and vacation rentals are at capacity.  A three day weekend is not a common occurance for Americans. We Hong Kongers are truly spoiled in this regard. (Hello, Dragonboat Race day anyone? Buddha's Birthday?)

Amagansett, which is located between Montauk (Surf Lodge is the it spot for people in the know - bloggers, celebrities, etc) and East Hampton (the Beverly Hills of the Hamptons), has a nice mix of homes that are along the beach, in the woods, and along farmland.  It is the location of the original Coast Guard barracks and has a past that includes whaling.  Many of the homes near Indian Wells Beach (where we were) and Atlantic Beach were actually residences of those in the whaling industry and were designed with windows for whale sightings.

There are also celebrity sightings (though we saw none in our brief stay).  It is rumored that this past weekend, none other than Bono was seen staying at one of the mansions on the waterfront.  We missed him by only a week!

Ah, New York.  I'm always a little giddy at the possibility of seeing a famous person.  Now that we're back in suburban Madison, the only sighting that creates any kind of excitement is the UPS man.  He came today, but had nothing for us.

Outfit details:
Louella Odie embroidered fish slouchy pouch
Louella Odie lattice print beach scarf
Alex Black Collection Tasha shirt dress
Mer Culture Swimwear bikini (I did actually wear a swimsuit even if I didn't swim!)
Beach hat from Stanley Plaza  


Putri said...

Love you pork pie! Wish you could come back and look for some slobs!

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