Saturday, July 4, 2015

Laid back

I don't even remember when these outfit pictures were taken.  It was still cool enough for socks.  The littlest girl was still wearing a cardi.  It's a good chance it was probably April?  But it's even possible it was the end of March, though my Fiji tan had faded.

In any case, those details aren't important, or even relevant.  I'm rambling.  And what I need to tell you is that I have a backlog of outfit pictures to post.  Only, it's summer vacation.  And the pictures were taken in the spring.  And it's now summer.  July to be exact.

So what do I do?  The season has changed, the summer weather is inspiring me to dress differently and these photos are dated. Is there a rule about posting dated outfit pictures on my blog?  Does this even matter?

I suppose it doesn't, but whatever.  I'm using this summer to catch up.  For one, I don't have much else going on since I'm not working and my Louella Odie collaboration is much smaller scale this year.  And secondly, I'm not really taking too many outfit pictures while I'm on holiday.  And seeing that I have these pictures, there is no pressure to do so either.

Now, back to my thrifting adventures in charity shops, estate sales and vintage boutiques.  We're currently in NYC (up in Amagansett for the holiday weekend) and I'll be hitting up some of my favorites (including MAHPS Vintage in Brooklyn where I bought this dress).  

Also high on the list are 10 Ft Single by Stella Dallas (where I found my scarf) and the Brooklyn Flea.  Can't wait. 

And, don't worry.  I will post some new things here and there, but I'm kind of liking taking a laid back approach this summer.

Outfit details: Vintage dress - MAHPS Vintage, Louella Odie Skyline bag, Shoemint booties, vintage scarf from 10 Ft Single

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