Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Blogger thoughts

I'm having one of those introspective moments.  You know, the kind that probably only bloggers have.  I've just come back to the Midwest from a lovely stay in NYC with my sisters.  I looked at my last post from the Fourth of July and realized that I posted only once while I was there.  That's good.  It means I'm really in holiday mode.  I enjoyed time with my family, watching all the cousins play, eating good food and relaxing (drinking wine with my mum and sisters).  I caught up with some friends and heard what's new in their lives.  Yet, time was so short that there were other friends that we didn't have time to see, which always leaves me wishing we had more time or that we had spent it differently.

My old blog header.

But there's more than that.  I'm going through a bit of a blah time, I think.  Being in NYC always  makes me feel self conscious and insecure.  It throws me into a funk.  All of a sudden I'm in a place where "blogger" has kind of become a bad word.  Last summer was fun when I had a more defined purpose to take pictures of my Louella Odie bags for our travelogue collaboration, but this summer I'm feeling like taking outfit pics is a bit silly.  I mean, here in the Midwest it's quiet and peaceful and we don't really get up to much (which is why I love it).  The photo ops are really more of us just enjoying summer.  In the city, I just feel like who am I to take my silly outfit picture when all these other fashionable peeps are just walking around being themselves?  It makes me miss my own Hong Kong Fashion blogging community.

Last summer, picking grapes off the vine next door to my in-laws' house.

While I was in NYC, I caught up with my good blogger buddy Gabrielle Pedriani of Look Sharp, Sconnie who shared this same sentiment with me.  She's long been questioning that idea of blogging and what it's becoming, and we both noted that blog reading has changed along the way, too. With Instagram being so popular, and images being so prevalent, who takes the time to actually read blogs? No one leaves comments much anymore either, which can tend to make you feel like no one is reading and ultimately wondering if anyone even cares what you have to say anyhow? My other blogger friend Nora of Nora Finds and I have had this chat as well.  It's hard not to find it all disheartening when I've invested so much into my blog.

Reflective moments like these remind me that it's important to step back from time to time so I can remember why I blog.  It's easy to get caught up in readership, comments and followers (I'm such a sucker for the stats page, especially where my pageviews come from) and while those are obviously important to consider, they're not my sole reason for blogging. In my conversation with Gabi, we chatted about how there are so many blogs out there, and many of them doing the same thing.  It's not that I need to be completely unique, but more that I want to be true to myself.  To have my voice be distinct because it's my voice.  Funny how my English teacher side and my blogger side are aligned.  With that in mind, I feel like blogging shouldn't be forced; if content doesn't come to me naturally then I think it's okay to step away for a bit.  I've got posts lined up, but the writing part isn't coming as easily as it should so I'm going to wait till it does.

Hope you don't mind.


Unknown said...

OMG i share that thought too: who am i to pose and get my pictures taken while other people are just naturally fashionable ahahahah... damn!

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