Tuesday, June 23, 2015

LO Summer Voyage: Rained in

Well, so far on this holiday we've escaped what was a rainy spring in Hong Kong to be met with a rainy summer in Illinois and Wisconsin.  We managed two afternoons at the hubby's cousin's pool between rainstorms (complete with flash flood and tornado warnings).

Oglesby is near the Illinois Valley with many nearby towns located relatively low (in a valley) and as a result there has been persistent flooding complete with road closures.  In fact, the first day we went to the pool, we took the back river road to Spring Valley.  When I drove that same way the next afternoon it was all closed off.

Part of one tiny town called Utica was evacuated while another small town Marseilles (not said like they do in France, here it's pronounced Mar-sell-es) was on alert.  Kind of crazy for the start of summer.  The rain has brought through some cool weather, too.  


I love to be able to open the windows to sleep, but I will admit that there have been some chilly mornings for us thin blooded Hong Kongers!  Thankfully, the waters appear to be receding and everyone is safe. The waters threatened, though.  You could really see it right at the edge of the roads.

Naturally, on one of the first sunny days, I decided I could at least take the Louella Odie beach wraps/sarongs and scarves out to be aired on the clothesline in the backyard.  Air drying is one of my favorite things about summer.  The smell of clean fresh air in your clothes brings back so many memories.

We're up in Madison now, still wet and also cold, but I'm hopeful that I'll get to the pool this week.  In July we'll head out east and I'll get to lay on the beach up in Amagansett.  Soon my wraps and scarves will have their day in the sun.

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