Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kicking off Summer with Louella Odie

We are well and truly into our summer holiday now (and nearly over our jet lag), so it's about time I let you all in on my fun summer collaboration with Louella Odie.  You may remember last summer, I took some of their bags on a Louella Odie Travelogue adventure through small towns in the midwest and into the big city in NYC.  All along the way, I blogged about our summer travels and posted pictures of the bags I brought with me.

This summer, I'm bringing different bags with me on my summer travels, but I've go some other accessories with me as well.  The scope of my collaboration is a little more focused on some of their accessories and a common thread in all the places I visit.

Louella Odie has a brand new print, the Lattice print, which they've launched in a beach wrap and scarf.  By fall, they'll have some bags in this print as well.  Until then, I get to bring along a multipurpose scarf to all the places where I'll be enjoying some summer sun by the water.

First, I'll be poolside in the Midwest, in the small towns of the Illinois Valley and in the amazing public pools up in the Madison area.  I'll also be lakeside when I head up to Wisconsin, maybe even getting a waterskiing (or wakeboarding) run in after all these years.

Finally, we'll head out east to NYC again for the beginning of July.  We'll be in Amagansett, one of the towns along the coast of Long Island, enjoying the beach and the ocean.  Perhaps we'll even get up to enjoy some surfing in Montauk.

In every place I travel this summer, I'll have the water close by, so it seemed perfect to bring along some Louella Odie wraps and scarves to use.  Stay tuned for my Instagram posts, for the usual thrifting and eating adventures I'll take with the family in tow.  Look out also for a few blog posts about my other Summer Voyage adventures.

To kick off this Louella Odie Summer Voyage (#LOsummervoyage) a few weeks ago, we decided to have a good old Hong Kong Beach BBQ at our Secret Beach, complete with good friends and good food.

Bringing along good food were the "cookie lady," Sabrina Sikora and of course Vicki Malone of Vic and Lily Vintage who brought marshmallows and kebabs. Both ladies were a hit with the kiddos.  Sandra Smedhall of Style by Asia joined with her sweet pooch and former puppy sitting mate, Stella (no Hong Kong BBQ is complete without a dog).

In addition to these lovely ladies and their attachments (Sabrina brought her hubby Kevin and her sweet bubba Adam), Lauren Mead brought some lovely Louella Odie bags and accessories (check out her special edition hat with the shark print scarf tied around it).

Being a self profesed Louella Girl, I of course brought our beach belongings down in my own Louella Odie totes (the Bauhinia Bag and the Pomfret Bag), and the necessary sunblock etc fit nicely into the Slouchy Pouch with the garoupa fish on it.

I stayed mostly behind the camera, but as far as a 'shoot' goes, this one was all natural.  We didn't really stop to pose or take special product images.  We really just wanted to have a good time on the beach, Hong Kong style.  The kiddos and their friends had one objective, to roast marshmallows.

Ours was to enjoy each other's company, soak up some sun (it was scorching), and munch on the goodies while sipping on some wine.

And we did.

**Stay tuned to my Louella Odie Summer Voyage both here and on my Instagram feed.

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