Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dressing Little Girls

Mothers of girls: this post is for you.

Have you ever been frustrated at the clothing options for little girls? 

I am.  Always.  In fact, upon returning to the States for our summer holidays, I was met with this frustration at Target, of all places.  I love this shop.  I look forward to our Target trips, as do my kiddos.  

Only yesterday, instead of finding exactly what I needed for my nine year old girl, which in this case was some good basic shorts for playing in the backyard, I struggled to find anything at all.  I mean anything that I would feel comfortable with her wearing (and her too, for that matter).

I was also very upset to find not only were shorts way to short, but there were even some denim cut offs that had distressing and creasing right in the crotch area.  For girls.  Between the ages of 4 and 10.  Am I the only one who feels like we shouldn't accentuate a little girls' crotch? Who really wants their girls to look like a hoochie?  Not me.

My nine year old seems to have entered this no man's land of girls clothes (somewhere between baby girl clothing and teenage girl clothing).  Retailers have deemed that girls of this age are fit to wear things that sexualize them as young women, and a certain type of young woman at that. There are just no tasteful options out there.

Plug PR contacted me a while back to see if I wanted to style my girls in some lovely pieces from Bonpoint.  They also have women's clothing, too.  When I saw that they had beautiful and appropriate pieces for them, I jumped at the chance.

Not only were the pieces stylish and well made, they also provided looks for girls that were modest and wholesome.  This is exactly what I want for my girls.

I picked two outfits each and we first headed off to the backyard playground by our house to snap some pictures.  The best thing about this location was being able to see just how practical these clothes are.  My big girl is an active one, and the shorts at Bonpoint were closer to a bermuda length which allowed her to play on the jungle gym or swing on the swings comfortably.

My littlest girl likes to wear dresses, almost exclusively, so naturally I picked a dress and skirt for her to wear.  For the second set of pictures, we returned to our house so they could have a make believe tea party on the back balcony.  

It was a hot day, so they were eager to be back inside where it was cool.

The dresses are lightweight and made of cotton, which is essential for little kid clothing. A good breathable fabric with easy care instructions.

The dress lengths fell right to their knees, as they should.  Anyone with kiddos knows how quickly they grow.  My big girl hit a real growth spurt this year and all of a sudden all her dresses are too short. And it's not just me, she tugs at her dresses and shorts when they're short because they reveal too much and make her feel embarrassed.  Kids shouldn't have to worry about their appearances when they play.

I also love the bright bold colors of the clothes at Bonpoint.  They're more like colors I would wear and in sweet prints, too.

At the end of our afternoon shoot, the girls both commented that they loved the clothes because they reminded them of things I liked to wear.  What sweeties.  They're right, too.  I'd wear every one of these pieces.

So there you have it.  Dressing your girls as they get older doesn't mean dressing them sexier.  It means helping them feel comfortable so they don't worry about how they look, so they can just be kids. 

***Thanks Plug PR for loaning us the clothes.


Emilie said...

Your photos of your girls are beautiful. And the clothes are so cool. I totally agree that I'd wear these clothes too! Did they get to keep them!?

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