Monday, June 8, 2015

Double Louella, Double Take

As a perpetual wanderer of these back alleys in Stanley, I've grown to really love the market best when it's all closed down.  When the grungy walls with all the rusted nail holes are exposed.  When you can see what's behind all the displays when everything's put away.

I don't remember now why this shop was all shut on a Wednesday afternoon when I do my normal wandering while the kids are at art, but it was unusually vacant here.  

The big shop used to be Stanley Family Restaurant, a local Cantonese favorite, and outside there's usually a lady selling little silver charms.  Stanley Family was the latest casualty to high rent, which made us all sad because we so loved their food.  They have reopened in a smaller location and only for lunch, so at least we can satiate our pork neck and special chilli sauce cravings there.

Still, I shudder to think what might happen to my Stanley while we're away this summer.  I always cringe on my first walk back through these alleys after a summer away.

Incidentally, this is the same alley in which we held our Stanley Night Market.  It was a huge success and Hughie, Akiko and I are hopeful that it will invigorate this neighbourhood by injecting some new creative vibes here.  We were totally overwhelmed by the response and cannot wait to do it again.

I do remember this was one of those last remaining Spring days before it got too hot and humid to wear pants (or my little sweater blouses, for that matter).  This vintage sweater is one of my favorites from Vic and Lily on Etsy, and it suffered a near mishap when it was accidentally washed.  Oh, the blue color ran into the was a disaster.  Thankfully, I did manage to rescue it.  It was totally worth the tedious work of using an old toothbrush and some stain stick to gently rinse the bleeding color out.  

This was also a double Louella day (#doublelouella, it's a thing for this Louella Girl) - the Louella Odie Jungle Lily scarf and Slouchy pouch with embroidered fish.  The blue in both items is my absolute favorite.  So much so that I even went and got my hair colored blueish tonight.  Just wait.  I'll show you.  I kind of feel like a mermaid.

These last photos are a double take because my cheeky Cally decided to photo bomb.  Typical.

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