Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stanley Night Market

If you've noticed that my blog posts have become a little infrequent, it's because May has filled up with loads of events (both personal and professional).  This week alone, I've got two Hong Kong Dancers shows to manage, my daughter's choir concert (which I have to miss because of said dance shows) and the debut of our Stanley Night Market on May 30th.

Following the success of our Stanley Market Pop Up Shop in November, we decided to make a go of this pop up concept and turn it into a regular Night Market event for Stanley.  The three of us (Hughie, Akiko and I) have a shared vision for our Stanley.  We know well the vibe here, and have a great passion for preserving it and sharing it.  It's really local and chill.  There's a strong neighbourhood feel here, where everyone knows your face and your name.  But, we fear that much of that charm of Stanley Market is getting lost in the drive to cater to the tourists that wander through here.  The Boathouse Restaurant, for example is slated to become a 10-storey hotel, which will forever change the view of the waterfront. Step one of this disaster was painting the iconic blue walls of the exterior a ghastly lemon yellow.

Like me, Hughie and Akiko often lament the loss of another shop in Stanley Market that once had charm (and often a family's livelihood invested in it) to see it turned into another dreaded cheap trinket shop, where salesladies call out "missy, missy, come lookie."  That kind of thing never used to happen in our market.  Coming back to Hong Kong after each summer away is always a shock in this regard.  It was what lead me to write the series called My Stanley on my blog, so I could highlight some of my favorite Stanley peeps.

We all love the beachy feel of Stanley Market, the laid back vibe of people who live here and the tenacity of the local businesses, who despite the challenges this market faces, continue to survive and thrive.  Our last event was a small affair, with a few local vendors and designers setting up and supporting our vision.  This time, we're thrilled to have over 15+ vendors setting up shop.

We decided to make the theme of our Night Market a Summer Preview.  This way, people can know what to expect when coming to our market, and vendors will feel like customers are coming with a specific idea in mind.

We made sure to select vendors who would be able to keep their pricing reasonable, to start, since people who usually come to Stanley Market are expecting a bargain.  Of course, supporting local businesses and designers means spending a little more on the front side of things, but in the end, those dividends pay off because we're supporting the livelihood of our own Hong Kong peeps.

We also made sure to select a balance of women's and men's fashion, we've got a few local snack vendors (The Candy Stand, Churros, Nice Pops) and some face painting for the kids.  On top of that, we're thrilled to have HK Walls there with an artist to do some live painting!

Hughie was recently able to secure sponsorship of our event by Red Stripe, so there will be some refreshing beverages to be had as well as a wine tasting down at Le Magasin. 
Mazu Swimwear, a brand new Hong Kong brand, will be showcasing their designs in their first pop up since launching their brand.  We can't wait to have them along, too.

Of course, working with my favorite team, Hughie and Akiko, hardly seems like work.  We're really excited at the possiblities.

We can't wait to share what we have in store, so we hope you'll pop down on Saturday evening to check out the event.

Stanley Night Market

Saturday, May 30th
122 Stanley Main Street to 125 Stanley Main Street 
(in the market between Le Magasin and Print House)

Follow us for updates:
 Instagram: @stanleynightmarket 

Vendors include: Vic and Lily Vintage, What the Frock, Spanish Shoes HK, Ro and Mo Travellers Soul, thorn and burrow, Mazu Swimwear, Volklore, Baendit Sunglasses, Victoria Skate, The Candy Stand, Nice Pops, Legends Socks, Cabaloco

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