Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Behind the scenes of a "real" photo shoot

I continue to be grateful for the opportunities this blog (and my Sisters in Vintage HK blog with Style by Asia) has afforded me, the most recent of which was to be a part of an awesome team for an Ecozine magazine shoot as stylist and part time model.

The day was amazing, albeit cold and drizzly, but the experience itself was one of a kind.  Our team was supportive and enthusiastic about the project, and I truly felt valued as a member.  

Aside from the experience of the day and what I learned about photo shoots done professionally, I really can't get over the fact that my name is in print in Ecozine's Spring 2015 Issue for the Salvaged Style piece.  Have a look.

I wrote all about the day on my other blog.  You can read the post and see more behind the scenes pictures there, go check it out!

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