Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Rose Affair

On Wednesdays, when the big girl has art class at The Studio in Stanley, my mum and I spend the one hour she's in class running our various errands or snapping outfit pics.  But since the warm weather arrived, we've also made sure to enjoy a glass of rose on the waterfront at Vern's.

Vern's is a little like Cheers, where everybody knows your name (or at least your face).  And they definitely know your drink.  I don't even have to order anymore.  They usually just greet me by saying Rose? 

Vern's is the perfect place to people watch.  You can watch tourists, nearly marrieds, locals and expats alike, all wander the street to enjoy the local vibe and take in the ocean breeze.  It's one of my favorite things about Stanley.

On this particular Wednesday, I was meeting with Louella Odie's Lauren Mead to discuss our summer collaboration. Our usual company (a combination of old Stanley neighbours or my old high school friend who also lives in Stanley) grew to include whoever was walking by.  It became an impromptu street party.

The sunset and my glass of rose matched my new pink vintage dress from Someplace Sunnier Vintage (on Etsy, of course) just perfectly, so I asked Akiko, who works with me on lots of projects, to snap a few pictures before it got too dark.   

This Saturday is our latest project, the Stanley Night Market.  Read my previous post for more info.

I really like this cotton drop waist dress for summer.  It's lightweight, but can also be layered (as I did with a blouse).  I think it will be perfect with my sandals for lazy days in the backyard or along the waterfront on a different continent (think Summer Voyage, it's coming up with Louella Odie).

Gosh, do you remember the last time I posted outfit pictures?  I dumped a whole lot off my camera (at least five).  So backlogged with work (and a glitch in my iPhoto library).

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