Monday, April 6, 2015

Louella Girl

It was nearly a year ago that I had the good fortune of meeting the lovely ladies of Louella Odié, mother and daughter team Karen and Lauren Mead. We embarked on a fun summer collaboration in the form of a travelogue and I got to take around some of their gorgeous bags and a scarf. At the same time, Karen drew my journey on a map on their website.

Since then, we've continued to work together on little projects. A pop up shop in Stanley, a scarf video (still in progress) more travel posts as part of their Travel Tribe, etc! I just love sitting with them and brainstorming ideas.

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting their studio on Lamma Island. Later, I'll be bringing you a behind the scenes look at where they run their business and where Louella Odie designs start and I'll share parts of our conversation about Louella Odié. We are also working on some new collaborations, too.

It was on my trip to Lamma that we looked back at our year together and shared mutual admiration of how our relationship has evolved. That was when I told them, I'm a Louella Girl. 

This picture was snapped by a student on my Fiji trip.

I do what I do because I believe in supporting local businesses and designers, and theirs is a company I really stand behind. All the way. Wherever they go, I'll follow and support.

And the beautiful pieces they've gifted really do get full time use in my outfits, not just posed promo for blog purposes. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know my Skyline (smiley face) bag goes with me everywhere. 

And now that summer's here, the slouchy pouch with garoupa print is in high circulation, too.

***A sampling of pictures from my Instagram (from liftdoors to travel tribe visits to Fiji).

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