Monday, April 13, 2015

Circuit Jewellery x CNY

A while back, I had fun with another shoot for local brand Circuit Jewellery.  Since our last collaboration, they've added some new designers and some lovely new jewellery.  It was time to showcase some of the new pieces.

We liked the idea of doing a holiday style post, but given that Christmas and New Years were long past, we thought do a local Hong Kong version and style some looks for Chinese New Year.

Our setting was Stanley Market (I never tire of its alleys and its charm).  So much is happening there now, I cannot wait to share it all with you.

Since many of the shops were shut for CNY, we had our pick of backdrops.  And of course, we used Print House as our base.  How lucky are we to have them in the market?

I dragged my little ones along, who were of course eager to just hang with the cool peeps at Print House and give their two cents to the styling.  Here they are getting their little feet into my shoes. Such girls!

CNY can be dreary in Hong Kong, so I dug out my neon green vintage skirt to brighten things up.

I also wanted to wear my Tangram x GOD top to give the shoot a Chinese flair.  My friends Paola and Ignacio designed a collection for Goods of Desire a while back, of which this black and white top was a part.

I liked how the rusty shutter of our hardware shop made this outfit pop.

Aside from working with Loris and Pirry of Circuit Jewellery and wearing their lovely pieces again, the best part of the shoot was working with my girl Akiko.

Having her behind the camera puts me at ease, and I feel like she brings out the best in everyone she shoots.  She has a knack for angles, but my favorite thing to watch is her daring acrobatics all for the sake of a good shot.

The jewellery in this shoot comes from a designer called Mosstories.  Do pop over to Circuit Jewellery to see more of their collection and read their post about this collaboration as well.

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