Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring is a tease

Just when you think the weather is turning, it doesn't.  Ah, Spring. She is a flirt, isn't she?

Returning from Fiji, we were greeted (or shall I say slapped) with the Hong Kong humidity in full force. I was a little disappointed to think that my sweaters, hats and boots days might be over for the rest of the season.

And then mid-week, it got chilly again.  I realized I was heading out of the house each morning a little underdressed. Sure enough, now that it's the weekend, we're enjoying sunny days again (and this time without the humidity).  It's gorgeous.

Really, it's the perfect weather for our HK Sevens weekend.  The hubby managed to get tickets in the end, and for the best day which is Sunday.

***These pictures are a few weeks old, taken at the beginning of this crazy month of March.  Definitely my favorite thing about this winter past was my black floppy fedora.  I think I wore it as much as I could.  Super happy to squeeze out these last few weeks of hat weather.

By the way, I had all these lovely pictures that the big girl took, but I've been having issues with iPhoto.  The thumbnails of pictures look good, but when I double click to view them, they go blank.  Really irritating.  Anyone else having this issue?

Outfit details: vintage blush cardi from Vic and Lily, navy polkadot bow blouse from Me and Gee.  Vintage belt from Etsy. Sorry, no other pictures because they don't work.

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